Thursday, 30 December 2010

Graphic Novellazine B-Side

After a highly successful and decidedly non fatal batch of the first one, I collected together some more stuff, and this is that.

THIS is what I'm working from, Tlinglit and other Native North American designs. But I'm working on pixelating them.

For another interesting Pixel-thing, see my friend Ruaraidh Bruce, Illustrator and genie-arse, did a cool thing a while back where he took a formerly pixelated character from a computer game and used it as a character script. See his blog here. I'm sure he'd relish your patronage.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Graphic Novellazine

A demented act of penmanship I feel queerly proud of. X-ray-Ray was done using pen and correction fluid. Works better if printed at A3 and folded to A5... I'll try and make up some copies abusing the office photocopier this weekend.

I want Novellazine to catch on as it sounds like a literary antipsychotic.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Saturday, 11 December 2010

the writing on the wall

campaign for arts website

the link: cut magazine

the new art magazine that makes no sense

Cut Magazine is a 12 month campaign championing the issue of funding cuts across the arts. Every month for 12 months a new magazine will be literally cut from a current art magazine – the aim: to raise the issue of arts cuts and advocate that – Cutting Arts Makes No Sense.

seemed somehow very relevant to performance writing

Monday, 29 November 2010

Friday, 26 November 2010

a couple of [useful?] links

both are short articles from the guardian that i found interesting

a performance writing tool perhaps


creating new books from old tree of codes from the streets of crocodiles
a link that shows public reaction to the book and link to video of author
coincidently I was looking at an atlas/encyclopedia i had cut op for various projects and wondered if i could invent either new countries or a story by cutting and layering, so you look through pages for sentances...but realise after seeingthis that my idea is just old hat....

Monday, 22 November 2010

digital literature

haven't read thoroughly, just skimmed (internet not happy) but might be interesting
see this link
the piece that you, jerome, handed out at end of session last week has no details - who what where when

excavating in photoshop

I had quite an enjoyable time excavating the photoshop version of the erasing doodah (when it wouldn't work). But in photoshop you really do excavate - what you rub away on first layer is the only way down to the next and so on. so you have to choose what to keep each time. So has a very different look to the "proper" version.

this is all old wholesale reciepts a couple of shopping lists and a letter from india that contains quite a lot of listing.

I've since rewritten the faggot shopping list as it was such poor quality (can't find original file)
but maybe regretting it. See below, but that one does have a lot of that layer revealed.

Friday, 19 November 2010


bloody hell you can make links in one Word document to another - not just to websites....a revelation. so having a headache and eating loads of magical elf chocolate can have a positive effect (and having a wander around the menu on this new word)

Monday, 15 November 2010

a history of reading

a review, which includes:
"As I say, when Manguel drops his mask, and gets down to the nitty-gritty, writing something that might interest an everyday reader, he is well worth the candle. "

read the whole review HERE

Sunday, 14 November 2010

another one

that is another link to a blog entry on non standard page
finally got a better link to the text from previous non standard page post HERE [warning a lot of words]

new puter will not let me copy and paste from Word or Google documents to blogger, THERE MUST be a setting to change.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

reading listening

read this on the train last night:

Rejecting what she [Lucy Irigaray] calls "the predominance of the visual, and of the discrimination and individualization of form" as "particularly foreign to female eroticism" (This Sex 26), she talks about "hear" and "listening" to writing, as if we were listening "with another ear" ...

Salvaggio, R (1999) The Sounds of Feminist Theory

So reckon Jerome in there with the feminists

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

new post elsewhere on non standard page

link to new post
then there is a link to lots of words if you want. 1161 words actually.

I go away and tendrils reach back to home & life

funny how you think that by going off on MA adventures you are looking to a new future. Should know better by now.
On the other hand do we look desperately for connections all the time to stop us floundering in a vast damp sea?
I knew Annabel was involved in the early days of the Arnolfini - although we have never talked about it. We often chat on the bus these days. She lives in the same "town" as me. (I say town reservedly, it is really a village by size but by ancient Norman decree it is a town, a part of a Barony, with a Marchioness and a castle - rented out on a repairing lease - and the mayors are not elected but chosen and can never be a woman). Whwn we looked at the selection Julian had for us from the Arnolfini archive i was surprised by all the newspaper cuttings with wonderful images of Annabel! Then i found a Martin Bloch exhibition in the early days. Martin Blochs grandson is chair of Cydweithfa Trefdraeth/Newport Collective of which i was a memeber until recently. he recently organised a big exhibition of Bloch's work in Norwich. I am not sure if he knows Annabel. Must find this out.
Laid out on the table was that lovely collections of notes and images of Alastair MacLennan. ii admire his work and felt very "arrived" in performance terms when I showed work alongside his in Holy Hiatus (5 artists were commisioned to produce work).
There was an Ian breakwell book: I met him in cardiff a couple of times he was a friend of a friend, which made me bold enough to introduce myself.
Then there were the slides of the re-enactment Waterfall by the Ting: theatre of Mistakes. Anthony Howell was my lecturer at UWIC, we did fall out terribly and i left his department, but later I rented a room in his house. he has offerred to look at any writing i do for the MA. He is an exacting critic. His creative writing sessions were excellent.
An excellent little A-Z of Theatre of Mistakes to be printed out and turned into not a book: click here to view from Diffusion e books
Hmm he is also a friend of the aforementioned friend also said friend was friend of Iain Hamilton Finlay - we looked at his manifesto ( he is helping someone with a book on Finlay)
So your past never escapes you even if you run away from it, you always hit it face on, better start walking, less of a crash that way.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

e books

finally made it into the library and into e books (dawsonera). I looked at two books and it seems I have to go one page at a time, and then uploading takes so long that even wandering off and coming back doesn't help. but just having to go back for a new page (if it did download) seems tedious, infact makes reading impossible.
How has anyone else found it?

Monday, 1 November 2010

I think you need this link

falmouth email problem

Had a bit of broaderband and so tried to access falmouth student email on as told by it service desk, but this leads me to and that doesn't seem to be right at all. If I try internet explorer rather than firefox I also get a certificate error. Helpdesk wondered if I was putting it into google search but I wasn't.
Anyone else having problems?
Seems I can just get about blogger and facebook, nothing else due to this narrowband, but had a bit of width earlier today that gave me hope. all hope dashed now. Did have enough time to finally send them my photo.

Thursday, 21 October 2010


From Roy Harris. I'm not sure where. Perhaps Rethinking Writing

'The great English lexicographer, Dr Johnson, when asked why he considered the Chinese barbarians, replied:
"Sir, they have not an alphabet."
Something not far removed from this ethnocentricity still survives in scholarly studies of writing systems today.

A welcome antidote to such cultural snobbery is this book's timely reminder that what letters 'stand for' is what we make them stand for. Not long ago I saw an alphabet in which F stood for 'French fries'. Why not? But that would have been incomprehensible to school children of my generation, and meaningless to Shakespeare. Letters, like other public signs, reflect no more than the society they serve.'

Brief for week 5

Brief – The Paper Stage: Thinking of the page as a site for writing, produce a series of 5 non-standard page spaces with texts which are a response to the nature of that site. Accompanying the work should be a set of critical responses to the outcomes.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

well look ee here.......

In case you haven't been there yet, this is a very good online resource for articles.

Chapter Arts Centre Caerdydd/Cardiff

A bit like the arnolfini but not quite as much gallery space but more "other" spaces including a theatre space....
Currently Experimentica festival on (I shall miss it...) yearly festival of performance and time based arts
Ceri Rhys Mathews and Simon Whitehead's "event" is something that I will be very sad to miss (Ceri something of a hero of mine - he was at the MA shows at Dartington in July...).


Chapter Home

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Hi there, I was just wondering if anybody has a pdf of Derrida's Writing and Difference? Looks like it'll cost £60 otherwise....... Ta

Friday, 8 October 2010


Welcome to the blog.
The idea is to use this space as a group resource for asking questions, sharing ideas, making comments or recommendations. At present it is closed to all except us. We might want to make it more public at a later date. We'll discuss this as and when. If there is anything you want to say about last Wednesday sessions, or any questions you have which would make sense in a group context, write away.