Friday, 26 November 2010

a couple of [useful?] links

both are short articles from the guardian that i found interesting

a performance writing tool perhaps


creating new books from old tree of codes from the streets of crocodiles
a link that shows public reaction to the book and link to video of author
coincidently I was looking at an atlas/encyclopedia i had cut op for various projects and wondered if i could invent either new countries or a story by cutting and layering, so you look through pages for sentances...but realise after seeingthis that my idea is just old hat....

1 comment:

  1. pervy book fetishism and holocaust aggrandizement. bah & piffle harumph!

    if someone's work was lost just because they couldn't find it, as opposed to having been lost in an unfathomable purging of an ethnic group, it follows that the former has no value. reducing mass murder to the dog ate my homework. balderdash bejizzle it!

    that's just for the guardian article, sure the rest of it is fine.