Tuesday, 9 November 2010

I go away and tendrils reach back to home & life

funny how you think that by going off on MA adventures you are looking to a new future. Should know better by now.
On the other hand do we look desperately for connections all the time to stop us floundering in a vast damp sea?
I knew Annabel was involved in the early days of the Arnolfini - although we have never talked about it. We often chat on the bus these days. She lives in the same "town" as me. (I say town reservedly, it is really a village by size but by ancient Norman decree it is a town, a part of a Barony, with a Marchioness and a castle - rented out on a repairing lease - and the mayors are not elected but chosen and can never be a woman). Whwn we looked at the selection Julian had for us from the Arnolfini archive i was surprised by all the newspaper cuttings with wonderful images of Annabel! Then i found a Martin Bloch exhibition in the early days. Martin Blochs grandson is chair of Cydweithfa Trefdraeth/Newport Collective of which i was a memeber until recently. he recently organised a big exhibition of Bloch's work in Norwich. I am not sure if he knows Annabel. Must find this out.
Laid out on the table was that lovely collections of notes and images of Alastair MacLennan. ii admire his work and felt very "arrived" in performance terms when I showed work alongside his in Holy Hiatus (5 artists were commisioned to produce work).
There was an Ian breakwell book: I met him in cardiff a couple of times he was a friend of a friend, which made me bold enough to introduce myself.
Then there were the slides of the re-enactment Waterfall by the Ting: theatre of Mistakes. Anthony Howell was my lecturer at UWIC, we did fall out terribly and i left his department, but later I rented a room in his house. he has offerred to look at any writing i do for the MA. He is an exacting critic. His creative writing sessions were excellent.
An excellent little A-Z of Theatre of Mistakes to be printed out and turned into not a book: click here to view from Diffusion e books
Hmm he is also a friend of the aforementioned friend also said friend was friend of Iain Hamilton Finlay - we looked at his manifesto ( he is helping someone with a book on Finlay)
So your past never escapes you even if you run away from it, you always hit it face on, better start walking, less of a crash that way.

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