Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Graphic Novellazine

A demented act of penmanship I feel queerly proud of. X-ray-Ray was done using pen and correction fluid. Works better if printed at A3 and folded to A5... I'll try and make up some copies abusing the office photocopier this weekend.

I want Novellazine to catch on as it sounds like a literary antipsychotic.


  1. Correction, A3 folds into A6 I think... I'll check in the office.

  2. in that folding, A4 folds to A7 so yes A3 must go to A6

  3. I would like a copy, please.

  4. Flo - Yes, proportionally I think that's where we are @.

    Jrome - I've been misappropriating the means of reproduction @ the office and have begun to distribute the A6 copies as belated christmas gifts. In shops never, in hand, soon.

    I've produced the second issue, so now it's officially a series. It has less words, and makes less sense. My pens are running out.